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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems is focusing on Opterons and Solaris x86 for a good reason. Sun has figured out a way to make x86 hardware cheaper than anyone else. Sun is hoping that by leveraging its cost advantages the company will be able to ensure the success of its x86 hardware and Solaris.
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by timh - on Fri 24th Dec 2004 02:04 UTC

"Any attempts to duplicate the Linux development model won't work for Sun. Sun is releasing Solaris under an open source license, but it is mostly a marketing ploy to gain mind-share, and win Microsoft's blessing. "

They are assuming here. Releasing solaris as open source is benifit to microsoft? THIS IS NEWS TO ME. I disagree. They love linux (the execs personally) and think a huge open source communty behind solaris and developing it can cut sun's development costs of Solaris and create a massive team of sun-loving coders that benifit sun. I don't know what they mean as "development model". That can be interpretated many ways. It seems like
they are just saying ..' hey this is how it is ok, im right only' I don't like that they need to be more clear.

"Microsoft will be very supportive of Sun's attempts to push Solaris as the open source operating system of choice. In the long-term a popular and technically superior Solaris will divert development effort from Linux "

This is crap. Solaris competes against Windows and you know that windows is loosing marketshare to open source operating systems like FreeBSD and Linux. Did FreeBSD take away linux users? NO It got them from windows and new computer users!

"Sun's overall strategy suggests that UltraSparc has no future. Sun has poured large sums into UltraSparc development in the past and is being forced to do so even now, but UltraSparc has been clinically dead for a long time now"

Crap. They see a huge problem in development costs and want to split development costs with fujitsu so they can keep the design alive. I mean look.
What is the most popular 64-bit CPU?? What ships more?? SPARC!! Getting rid of SPARC would be extremely retarded. They will just learn to manage
their SPARC business better. And let me remind you that there are more than one companies making sparc cpus and it's an open design, more so than IBM's POWER.

Have these people not relized that sun is trying to copy off of IBM and their compitetors? IBM is the most powerful server company and it's growing. They are trying to copy off of IBM in the server world and have competing lines like IBM does. IBM has POWER, x86, etc. and sun will have the equvilent and will use it's partnership with Fujitsu to actually develope SPARC better and compete with POWER (We all now power is much better right but that may change)

"will get swamped by hardware and software development costs and quickly go out of business. "

lol.. sun spends so much money on software and then gives it away to the open source community. I do not think they care about wasting $400 million dollars on giving away solaris for free. They will cut a lot of Solaris' best features and include it in the commercial version so they can actually sell it and incorporate the goodies from OpenSolaris as they are developed. They are also going from one server at a time, they aren't releasing dosens of servers at a time.. as one server sells they release another one and so on. they are running it the smart way.. keeping development costs in line with volume.

Go talk to sun's execs!

This article just tells this strategy these people firmly believe in without actually knowing or talking to sun's execs personally. This is just an opinion article on some website. I do NOT take it seriously and if this article is 100% truthful i would say sun will die a painful death.