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Editorial "Despite its current misadventure with Linux, Sun isn't in the generic desktop computer business. The Java desktop is cool, but it's a solution driven by necessity, not excellence. In comparison, putting Mac OS X on the Sunray desktop would be an insanely great solution for Sun." read the rest
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CPU agnostic
by Rayiner Hashem on Sat 1st Jan 2005 19:58 UTC

Maybe Apple should become CPU agnostic. Just sell an OS and a killer set of apps, and leave the drudgery of hardware manufacture to companies better equipped to handle it. After all, what's the margins in the hardware market anyway? In the first quarter of '04, HP earned $45m on $6bn of PC sales. It's tiny! Now, Apple's margin is a lot higher, but only because they sell a niche product. If they wanted to become mainstream, they couldn't maintain that sort of profit margin. Meanwhile, the profit margin in the software market is in the double-digits.