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Editorial "Despite its current misadventure with Linux, Sun isn't in the generic desktop computer business. The Java desktop is cool, but it's a solution driven by necessity, not excellence. In comparison, putting Mac OS X on the Sunray desktop would be an insanely great solution for Sun." read the rest
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RE: Anonymous (IP:
by Anonymouser on Sun 2nd Jan 2005 00:38 UTC

"Sun Ray's are overpriced and underpowered..."

How so? They are zero administration remote frame buffers for the server. Their incremental cost is practically nothing from a big picture point of view and they are as fast as the server you deploy. Imagine have a slice of a 12 or 24 CPU server with 100GB of RAM and FibreChannel RAID.

Also, Sun is completely honest and forward in their marketing materials that Sun Ray is not appropriate for 3D work, such as CAD. Get a workstation for that. Sun Ray is very appropriate for everyone else, however (help desk, clerical, administrative, etc.).