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Editorial "Despite its current misadventure with Linux, Sun isn't in the generic desktop computer business. The Java desktop is cool, but it's a solution driven by necessity, not excellence. In comparison, putting Mac OS X on the Sunray desktop would be an insanely great solution for Sun." read the rest
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by Rayiner Hashem on Sun 2nd Jan 2005 07:15 UTC

The Power5 at 1.9Ghz is about the same as the 1.89GHz SPARC64V on SPECint, and 50% faster on SPECfp. Meanwhile, the much maligned Itanium2 is 20% faster on SPECint and 50% faster on SPECfp. Out of all the big competitors (Opteron, Xeon, POWER5, Itanium2), is dead last in both SPEC benchmarks. The SPARC is just not an interesting architecture at this point --- the performance crown has been tossed back and forth between IBM, Intel, and AMD for awhile now (Itanium is great at FP, Athlons/Opterons are great at integer, and POWER5's are great at both), and SPARC has consistently been dragging up the rear.

Now, the CPU isn't everything --- system architecture counts for a lot. But when you've got a brick of a CPU like most Sun systems, there is only so much you can do to the system architecture to make it perform well.