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Original OSNews Interviews OSNews "sat down" with Linspire CEO Michael Robertson for a Q&A about his company's efforts as the banner-carrier for Linux-on-the-desktop. We discussed the upcoming Linux Desktop Summit in San Diego and the perceptions and realities of the obstacles to widespread desktop Linux use. Linspire also extended a special offer to OSNews readers: a free download of Linspire and a 30 day CNR subscription, so put yourself in Granny's shoes (not literally, please) and give it a try. Correction: The free offer expires on January 15.
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I'm a Computer Systems Analyst and where I work we support over 10,000 people. More than 60% of these people could, right now, do everything they need to with LinSpire. The percentage is probably higher but I'm being VERY conservative. What those people use is 1) web browser - business apps, e-mail, and word processing. Everything they need is good enough and available with LinSpire and maybe also Xandros. But LinSpire seems to be even easier with their security of "groups" of users that you can assign apps to. I haven't seen this with Xandros (though it may exist.)

And of all the people I know (and I know quite a few). Easily, VERY easily 80% of them could use LinSpire (and maybe Xandros) without anymore hassles or problmes than with Windows. My feeling is that it would definitely be with LESS hassle based on having friends try LinSpire at my house.