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Original OSNews Interviews OSNews "sat down" with Linspire CEO Michael Robertson for a Q&A about his company's efforts as the banner-carrier for Linux-on-the-desktop. We discussed the upcoming Linux Desktop Summit in San Diego and the perceptions and realities of the obstacles to widespread desktop Linux use. Linspire also extended a special offer to OSNews readers: a free download of Linspire and a 30 day CNR subscription, so put yourself in Granny's shoes (not literally, please) and give it a try. Correction: The free offer expires on January 15.
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Re: Price: Linspire vs windows
by Al Hartman on Tue 4th Jan 2005 21:36 UTC


The problem is you can use firefox open office, gimp, etc. on windows too and there are also good, free anti-virus and spyware removers. Also Sp2 solved most problems.

Not for me. SP2 crashed three of my computers, so much so... I had to wipe and reload them.

And none of what you typed addresses the almost instant infestation of Windows by all sorts of Virii and other nasties.

BEFORE you can download all that freeware, you have to connect to the Internet. About 20 minutes after you've done that, your computer is infested...

That doesn't happen with MacOS, Linux, Linspire, BeOS or other OS'es.

I *like* Windows, I use it EVERY DAY. I'm using it now...

I like MacOS X better than any Linux Distribution.

But, I think you are missing the point if you think that running Windows with Open Source Apps is comparable to a completely Open-Source OS and apps.

Sure, OSS apps lack the polish that Windows and MacOS X have. And some of the driver support.

But... They are a lot less prone to being attacked from malicious people.