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Original OSNews Interviews OSNews "sat down" with Linspire CEO Michael Robertson for a Q&A about his company's efforts as the banner-carrier for Linux-on-the-desktop. We discussed the upcoming Linux Desktop Summit in San Diego and the perceptions and realities of the obstacles to widespread desktop Linux use. Linspire also extended a special offer to OSNews readers: a free download of Linspire and a 30 day CNR subscription, so put yourself in Granny's shoes (not literally, please) and give it a try. Correction: The free offer expires on January 15.
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question for M.R
by Anonymous on Wed 5th Jan 2005 00:33 UTC

"I'll take Kevin Carmony up on his offer."

Ok , I will byte as I have respect for David Adams.

( here it goes , question that whont be answered ;-) )

1. Its now 2005 , Linspire whas created sometime in 2001 ( december ? ), since its creation it as never been profitable , dont you think that after 4 Years it might be time to make some real changes ? I am not talking about software , you have a somewhat good offering. I am talking about replacing Your President and COO for failing to meet the #1 "minimum" expectation any company leader should have : break even. As everyone know a company Leader real goal is to make a profit.

2. Maybee the problem is not Kevin Carmony or the two function ( President and COO ) he occupy ( maybee it is ) , could it be your fault for demanding too much of him and what he seems unable to accomplish ? Could it be that you are trying too many things and not accomplishing one fully ? Do you think you have given him the right people for accomplishing is task ?

3. Speaking of right people one person I am sure you will somewhat agree is not doing is job is Larry Kettler your VP of Global Sales , as your sales number dont meet the goal of at least breaking even , why asn't he be replaced yet ? 3-4 years is a long time , you should have add at least one year of profit by now.

4. When/if Linspire 5.0 finaly come out will you release a free ( cost and freedom ( GPL )) copy of Linspire 4.0 over the internet ? Dont you think it would go a long way in redeeming your bad image in the GNU/Linux community ?

5. Dont you think by now that refusing to join the LSB and the Free Standards Group and the The Gnu/Linux Core Consortium that your hurting your company and your sales ? The LSB and FSG you are already agreeing too anyway behing based of Debian ?

6. When are you going to aknowledge publicly and respectfuly the fact that your a GNU/Linux OS appliance based of Debian ? Dont you think that creating a Logo saying Debian based and puting it on the cover of your boxes and a Thank you note accompanying your product would help garner you some sales from the very large Debian base group who dont like your product because of this ?

7. Dont you think that revisiting your Eula and answering the point so many people seems to disagree with ( by changing it for terms more in line with what Mandrake , Red Hat and Novell/SuSe do) will not give you more sales in the End ?

8. After your failed IPO , do you think you will try again this year ? Do you have a new strategy ? will you really include your loyal user this time ?

9. You have a 498$ laptop in sale at Walmart , dont you think that by offering a really good paiment plan like Dell as for there offer you would not make a hundred thousand more sale ?

10. You seem to be targeting the low end where you have a very limited margin , when are you going to target the high end where the markup are higher ?

ZD 8000 :

Acer Folio


Acer Ferrari 3400


I got more questions but I doubt those will be answered.