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Original OSNews Interviews OSNews "sat down" with Linspire CEO Michael Robertson for a Q&A about his company's efforts as the banner-carrier for Linux-on-the-desktop. We discussed the upcoming Linux Desktop Summit in San Diego and the perceptions and realities of the obstacles to widespread desktop Linux use. Linspire also extended a special offer to OSNews readers: a free download of Linspire and a 30 day CNR subscription, so put yourself in Granny's shoes (not literally, please) and give it a try. Correction: The free offer expires on January 15.
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Lots of good comments and questions...
by Kevin Carmony on Wed 5th Jan 2005 21:56 UTC

As I have read through this thread, there certainly are many good comments and questions. I'll resist responding to them here (not an easy thing for me to resist btw ;-), so as to leave lots of interesting discussion for the follow-up interview.

Kevin Carmony
President, Linspire, Inc.