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Original OSNews Interviews OSNews "sat down" with Linspire CEO Michael Robertson for a Q&A about his company's efforts as the banner-carrier for Linux-on-the-desktop. We discussed the upcoming Linux Desktop Summit in San Diego and the perceptions and realities of the obstacles to widespread desktop Linux use. Linspire also extended a special offer to OSNews readers: a free download of Linspire and a 30 day CNR subscription, so put yourself in Granny's shoes (not literally, please) and give it a try. Correction: The free offer expires on January 15.
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by Ankit Malik on Thu 6th Jan 2005 10:32 UTC

What I hate is that whenever a company [like Linspire] tries to make money out of it, they dont like it!

I dont know why they dont like it, but I think

> everybody's got to earn one day
> you can't be selling $5-$10 [or free CDs] a CD all the time

And also according to the GPL, you are allowed to earn for your services. So Linspire, is

> tweaking the desktop to make it user friendly
> making Installation easy thru CNR

and so they are charging for it!

And it is not that they are not giving back to the community. They are sponsoring sites like KDE-Look!

Imagine, no themes, icons, wallpapers for you to download for your KDE Desktop!

And like every other normal company, they want publicity, so they say 'Ya! Our products are good'!

You don't expect them to say "Oops! Dont use our Products, they are pretty bad!"

And Linspire as I feel is aimed for the Linux newbie. For the rest there are distros like Mandrake, Fedora, SUSE, et al.

If you dont like Linspire, dont use it but atleast dont put a bad name to it!

They are just making it simpler for the Newbie. Let them do that, you use your distro XYZ! and keep installing from RPMs, DEbs, compiling from sources ;)