Linked by Kasra Yousefi on Fri 7th Jan 2005 17:44 UTC
Editorial Problem: Even the most powerful PC's become non responsive during resource-intensive computations, such as graphic design, media, image rendering and manipulating. The traditional solution has been to upgrade to a faster computer and throw more computing power at the problem to lessen the wait-time. But there's a simple solution that utilizes multiple machines, but without using grid/clustering. For now, this involves a hack, but how hard would it be for an OS vendor to streamline this process?
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Not really "new"
by Dave Poirier on Fri 7th Jan 2005 18:31 UTC

Remote terminal access is not something new, IIRC this dates back to the early 60's or 70's.

Now, just imagine that instead of running VNC on 8 remote machines and have each compute a task indivually, if you had them all multi-tasking the same application over your network? You'd be able to finish your computation in probably close to a quarter of the time (some time is required for sending/receiving/synchronizing, etc).

I think the OS makers are better investing their time in grid-computing then in remote terminal services; after all remote terminal services are already available and only a few clicks/commands away in most OSes.