Linked by Kasra Yousefi on Fri 7th Jan 2005 17:44 UTC
Editorial Problem: Even the most powerful PC's become non responsive during resource-intensive computations, such as graphic design, media, image rendering and manipulating. The traditional solution has been to upgrade to a faster computer and throw more computing power at the problem to lessen the wait-time. But there's a simple solution that utilizes multiple machines, but without using grid/clustering. For now, this involves a hack, but how hard would it be for an OS vendor to streamline this process?
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Other solutions.
by dpi on Fri 7th Jan 2005 20:05 UTC

VNC? Well, you might consider some better alternatives although TightVNC ain't half that bad. Problem is that when you do Real Work then you don't want VNC to show the picture different than it really is; hence you use compression. I think the following 2 solutions are also applicable:

* Use Windows 2000 Server or Windows XP Pro or Windows 2003 which come with RDP server.
* Use NoMachine's X hacks which use high compression but not much resources.

As for Photoshop. You say 'Inexpensive Solution' and mention Photoshop. If you want an inexpensive Photoshop clone then try out Paint.NET, GIMP, PSP. Or buy a SGI O2 or Octane, put Photoshop 3 on it. Photoshop 3 is almost the same as the later versions but this puppy runs native and on inexpensive hardware and remote X works flawless. This solution is much cheaper than starting with Apple. I'm not sure if NoMachine runs on IRIX i still have to figure that out.