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Editorial Problem: Even the most powerful PC's become non responsive during resource-intensive computations, such as graphic design, media, image rendering and manipulating. The traditional solution has been to upgrade to a faster computer and throw more computing power at the problem to lessen the wait-time. But there's a simple solution that utilizes multiple machines, but without using grid/clustering. For now, this involves a hack, but how hard would it be for an OS vendor to streamline this process?
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Not even near
by somebody on Sat 8th Jan 2005 01:21 UTC

RealVNC?? You could at least try TightVNC or NX. Photoshop users usualy need larger resolutions. 1600x1200 is common. RealVNC couldn't handle real time brushing with larger brush.

Colors?? Even if you forget loosy compression there's color downsampling to optimize troughput.

Colors again? Still no way to calibrate photoshop under X.

Let say you did it anyway. Now name Photoshop options that require time. Most of the work is color correction and cleaning scan errors which require user to be present.

Waste of money and waste of time.