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Syllable, AtheOS The December issue of the Syllable Development Newsletter is now available, covering news and updates for the open source desktop OS. Highlights: 0.5.5 release, ABrowse updates, patches aplenty and more. Additionally, the SYL-CON user/coder meetup has been set for 19th and 20th of February in London - let them know if you're going.
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RE: Nice
by Kaj on Tue 11th Jan 2005 23:16 UTC

User: "Syllable, burn me this CD."

Syllable: "Unable to comply."

U: "Why not?"

S: "CD burning is not in my algorithms database."

U: "How come? You have artificial intelligence and speech. What's so difficult about burning a CD?"

S: "It was not prioritized by my creator. However, I can optimize my kernel using the newest genetic algorithms tonight while you sleep, if you want."

U: "Why would I want that? Yesterday, I had you optimize yourself for Athlon XP, and I don't notice any difference. You still respond immediately with irritating objections to everything I say."

S: "You may not have noticed the difference, but if I optimize my kernel tonight, I will be able to do it 9.7 percent faster than yesterday night."

U: "shutdown now"