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Slackware, Slax On a recent IRC discussion Pat discussed Slackware's future and the restructuring that will happen for Slackware 11. Regarding the removal of Gnome from Slackware, he said: "GNOME is not easy to build into packages, lacks decent documentation to build, and requires many undocumented system changes for things to work 100%".
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RE: to eugenia
by Eugenia on Sat 15th Jan 2005 03:52 UTC

>What are you going to do...

I have already changed distros: I am now into Arch Linux. I only have one machine running Slackware-Current and I haven't touched it for a long time.

I still appreciate the stable nature of Slackware over Arch Linux's though. Arch Linux feeds lots of broken stuff every week (which keep pissing me off), but I like the fact that it's updated more frequently than Slackware, it's more open to cool stuff (e.g. Howl/Rendezvous, Bluetooth) and it supports Gnome.

Even if I was to stay in Slackware, I wouldn't use Dropline. I don't like the fact that they replace default packages, like X and GTK. Dropline should not do that, in order to avoid compatibility problems with slackware packages/future (it already has a lot such problems). Dropline should only ship packages on top of the current ones, not replace slackware's packages with its own.

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