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Slackware, Slax On a recent IRC discussion Pat discussed Slackware's future and the restructuring that will happen for Slackware 11. Regarding the removal of Gnome from Slackware, he said: "GNOME is not easy to build into packages, lacks decent documentation to build, and requires many undocumented system changes for things to work 100%".
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Slackware stable updates have highest priority
by puntdraad on Sat 15th Jan 2005 23:55 UTC

Slackware stable hasn't seen official updates for quite a while now. It is about time they appeared on the Slackware server. Instead of focusing on a new release he should release updates to existing versions.

If he cannot do that due to his health condition, he should organize some backup and communicate about that. There are at keast 2 good teams out there that could take care of that, so let them cooperate to take over that part of Slackware as long as it is needed.
And when Pat thinks (is sure) he is able to do that part properly, he could take over again.

But the situation now is that he announced to be back and announced stable updates will be soon there (current changelog, some weeks ago) and no updates appear other then current.

The 'official' backup team stopped updating and the unofficial team stopped updating as well as soon Pat announced to be back again. So there's three of them not updating anything regarding stable releases.

So Pat, if you are reading this, please take some action.