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Slackware, Slax On a recent IRC discussion Pat discussed Slackware's future and the restructuring that will happen for Slackware 11. Regarding the removal of Gnome from Slackware, he said: "GNOME is not easy to build into packages, lacks decent documentation to build, and requires many undocumented system changes for things to work 100%".
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Simple and elegant?
by Wrawrat on Sun 16th Jan 2005 01:38 UTC

anyhow back to the subject of Gnome, bye bye Gnome i wont miss ya, since Gnome lost the Philosophy of Linux of being simple and elegant,

Since when it's a philosophy of Linux? It's fatter than ever. KDE is anything but simple and elegant. To me, it's as bloated, "slow" and complicated as GNOME. Nevertheless, I use both...