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Slackware, Slax On a recent IRC discussion Pat discussed Slackware's future and the restructuring that will happen for Slackware 11. Regarding the removal of Gnome from Slackware, he said: "GNOME is not easy to build into packages, lacks decent documentation to build, and requires many undocumented system changes for things to work 100%".
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After Pat's IRC visit, both SlackSec and GUS-BR are getting back in the game... probably for the long haul. We're going to try and work more closely both with each other and with Pat himself to reduce our workload and see if there's some way we can provide a more coherent place for Slack users to get their updates.

SlackSec is down at the moment while we get our new server ready. All of us are currently busy with other projects, as well, but we hope to have the server back online within a week with patches and stuff up.

Another place you can grab security updates is Larhzu seems to know what he's doing with these packages, although they aren't as well tested as some others might be. They're definitely worth checking out, though, if you don't feel like rolling your own.

But, worry not, SlackSec and GUS-BR are getting back in the saddle...