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Slackware, Slax On a recent IRC discussion Pat discussed Slackware's future and the restructuring that will happen for Slackware 11. Regarding the removal of Gnome from Slackware, he said: "GNOME is not easy to build into packages, lacks decent documentation to build, and requires many undocumented system changes for things to work 100%".
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RE: to eugenia
by Slack_User on Mon 17th Jan 2005 02:14 UTC

You know, sometimes you have to replace the broken packages to make things work. By broken i mean packages that are 2 versions behind and have tons of bugs, ie. XORG in Slackware 10.0.

But to the point, if Dropline did not replace some packages it would not exist in first place. One thing that i do not understand how some of slackware users are bashing Dropline project like it's very bad when they did not even attempted to try it in first place?

Then they try other GNOME offerings that do have optimized X, PAM and other things and they are all in awe how it all works nicely.

Don't you folks agree?

We're not here to screw folks over with our GNOME offering, but to make their experience on Slackware that much better saving their valuable time (so they do not spend weeks compiling latest sources).

Dropline exist *not* against Slackware users but *for* Slackware users and those who never tried it, please at least don't go bashing if you never experienced it.

As a developer who dedicates a lot of time with other developers to provide others with a solution, it is a bit dissapointing to hear the baseless bashings and evil things that Dropline does.

All we ask is, please let us know how can we better serv you the Slackware community and what should be improved?

With the recent Community release of the 2.8.2 series many have said nice things about our team effort and i thank you for the kind words.


You ought to give Dropline another try and see for yourself, letting go the old grudges because of the old incompatibility with the libiconv that Dropline shipped at one time.

There is also a new LIVECD called Mutagenix which uses Dropline GNOME 2.8.2, worth a try. And soon GONX project will offer LIVECD with DLG GNOME offering.

I realize that we can't win everyone but the future looks bright, regardless of Slackware shipping with GNOME or without.

Thanks for reading and cheers to DLG devs!