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Slackware, Slax Slackware 10.1-Beta1 is now released for those who want to upgrade to the -Current tree. The final version is expected soon.
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Anonymouse (IP:

I'm sorry mate, but I find your attitude a little offensive. I mean, don't you think you're being unfair and insulting to Pat?

"Well, I have to say I can't trust Slackware any more."

Why exactly can't you "trust" Slackware, and what are these "conserns" (sic) of yours?

You seem to think that Pat owes it to you to create a "enterprise class OS distribution". Firstly, what precisely is an "enterprise class OS distribution", and secondly, when has Slackware ever claimed to be anything other than a distribution made by Pat for those who actually *know what they are doing* ?

"If I didn't dig through forums on several sites I would have had no idea where to look for security updates."

This is the biggest load of FUD I've read all day. For one thing, it was plastered all over Slashdot several time (yes, security updates were mentioned), it was all over OSNews (likewise, security updates were mentioned), it was on the front page of etc.

And why do you have to speak like a wanker, with "In particular, and this is what shocked me most...". Dude, you sound like either a crochetty old granny, or an anally retentive whiner. It "shocked" you - jeez...

"If Pat wants to act like a "lone star sherrif" , so be it, but that's not the way to run a distro that so many people depend on."

What gives you the right to dictate what Pat decides to do? This isn't Redhat, or Novell, he hasn't charged you to download his work (no, donations do not count), you aren't paying him for 24/7 support - he's volunteering his time, effort and energy

"Cares" about their users? I think this is really slack (pun not intended =), sorry) on Pat - it's obvious that he *does* care immensely for his users, and I challenge you to point to one example where he's intentionally neglected him, or forgotten about them.

I mean, the guy's been sick - do you really expect him to get up out of his sick-bed straight away to make another release for you, just because you're too lazy to click a couple of links?

"I'll be looking for an alternative distro like Debian or Gentoo instead and save my money for someone who actually cares about their users."

Excuse me? "Save my money"? Since when has Slackware, Debian, Gentoo or any other distro asked you for money to use their work? If you donate, that's your choice (which I assume you have, from your self-righteous drivel).

Just out of curiosity, how many copies of Slackware have you purchased? How much money have you actually donated to the project? I'd be interested to compare the money you've donated with others in the Slackware community - I think they could do without you and your donations.

IMO, methinks you're an offensive twit...