Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 23rd Jan 2005 04:11 UTC
Slackware, Slax Slackware 10.1-Beta1 is now released for those who want to upgrade to the -Current tree. The final version is expected soon.
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RE: Anonymouse
by Anonymous on Sun 23rd Jan 2005 15:27 UTC

@ Michael Saunders

Ok, enterprise class maybe stretching it but the fact is that it's meant for more than just a simple desktop distro, it includes all the major servers and from what I hear people use Slackware to run servers so therefore my wording.

Slackware maybe for people who can support themseves but the fact is a lot of newbies are installing it and end up rinning servers out of the box.

And the fact is there have been no security updates from since November 1, 2004.
And there was no mention about the Slacksec and WorkGUS places on Slackware (WorkGUS is now listed but it took quite a while).
I understand that Pat had his share of problems but how hard is it to have someone he trusts to add a few lines to web site letting people know where to get security updates?

Again, you refere to the changelog, and again I say that's not the right place to communicate.
And I never said that he should give Slackware out to the community, I said that *whoever* is taking care of Slackware should communicate with the rest of Slackware users.
But we haven't heard from anyone for over TWO MONTHS!
I respect your moderate tone because I am aware that I've raised a very difficult issue and no doubt will ofend some people.