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Apple The following is the experience of a user of Linux for the desktop who got a Mac Mini. Is he making the switch?
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I have this "either/or" garbage. You can have both and more. I've got several "PCs" at home. I don't run Windows but I do have PCs with Linux, OS/2, BeOS, and Mac G4 Lamp. Notice no Windows.

Each is good for different things. I learn a lot more about each one because I have something to compare each of them too. Most of the people making comments at this site have only used one OS (maybe multiple versions) and they think they know what's going on. How can they? They don't have a clue.

Note I didn't say which I liked best. The answer for that depends on what I'm doing. All I know is that Windows never was in the top three for anything so I dumped it a year after I got XP. I was wasting a perfectly good computer.