Linked by John Yanosko on Wed 26th Jan 2005 21:24 UTC
Apple The following is the experience of a user of Linux for the desktop who got a Mac Mini. Is he making the switch?
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by theorz on Thu 27th Jan 2005 00:10 UTC

Cool, this person sounds like they had around the same experience I did. I will have to try Unison, as Pan is one of the apps I have missed.

I agree that going from apt to apple's way of installing was weird. The first time I used my mac I spent close to an hour going through the preferences trying to find out how to tell osx to get me some software. The installation once you figure it out makes sense and is way better then installing software on windows, but I wish it was possible to have osx maintain all of my software for me the way apt does. Manually downloading upgrades for programs is a pain.

The main applications I missed were Gaim, Pan and Totem.

I have been using Fire to replace Gaim, but I find that it is not as good. I like the large icon mode in gaim, Fire's tiny icons don't cut it. I can never tell people's status at a glance.

I haven't found anything for Pan yet, I will have to try some of the suggestions mentioned here.

I also have not found a good Totem replacement yet. I want a video player that conforms to my desktop's hig, plays pretty much anything I throw at it, has a nice way of controlling it when fullscreened, and has simple playlist support. I have tried quicktime, mplayer, videolan, windows media player, and realone. None of them totally satisfy what I want in a media player the way Totem does. I do recognize that I am picky in video players so I do not hold this against the mac. In fact Totem is the only player that I have found that is good enough on any platform. They eigther can't play much or have some horrible skinnable gui.

Oh, and I wish idvd would work with my mpeg2 videos from my windows days. I can use quicktime to repackage them as qt. idvd shows them in its tray, idvd plays them in its tray, but idvd says unsupported format when I try to add it. Everything I have read says I have to transcode the mpeg2 to quicktime (sorenson?) for idvd to use it. Then idvd will transcode it again to mpeg2 to put it on the dvd. LAME If quicktime can play it idvd should be able to read it. I have not tried idvd5 yet so I an hoping they have fixed this as part of adding mpeg4 support.