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Apple The following is the experience of a user of Linux for the desktop who got a Mac Mini. Is he making the switch?
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Re: GUI Mac = GUI KDE or Gnome?
by tijs on Thu 27th Jan 2005 00:19 UTC

By J. Andersen (IP: - Posted on 2005-01-26 23:33:14
What are you talking about?? Fonts are way better on this box than on Windows or Mac, and have been for at least a couple of years - at least if you use KDE or Gnome you dont need to fiddle with fonts.

Glad it works for you but I just don't believe it, sorry (there was a discussion on this site on this half a year ago I think, and screenshots clearly proved this). I tried Mandrake, SuSE, MEPIS, Lindows, Xandros, Knoppix, Ubuntu. After quite some tweaking I can get my fonts more or less allright in KOffice, but never in OpenOffice. True, this seems to be an OpenOffice issue, but take browsing the web. Firefox looks so much better in Windows than in Linux (even the menus, using the similar fonts and size). Crispier, and smaller.

@ Anonymous (IP: thanks, I'll try that. I already tried with some PLF font package for Mandrake using the patented technology, but still my "GUI experience" was worse than in Windows.
I don't say this as a Windows boy, on the contrary. It's just such a hassle and for me personally the single reason not to switch to Linux ;)

(sorry if this is too much off-topic)