Linked by John Yanosko on Wed 26th Jan 2005 21:24 UTC
Apple The following is the experience of a user of Linux for the desktop who got a Mac Mini. Is he making the switch?
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Good article
by risc on Thu 27th Jan 2005 03:48 UTC

It's a good article but it would of been a lot more informative if the guy had of given himself time to learn how to use OS X, rather than just assuming because he hasn't figured it out yet it doesn't work. Also the comment about Fink being Debian PPC is a bit weird, it's a port/package system for OS X that just happens to use dpkg/apt, personally I prefer OpenDarwins DarwinPorts to fink. Also the comment about there being more apps for Linux is flawed at best, just because you don't know where to get them doesn't mean they don't exist. Check out or even places you may be familiar with from your time with Linux like etc.

Anyway hopefully in a month or 2 the guy will write a follow up when he has more clues about OS X.