Linked by John Yanosko on Wed 26th Jan 2005 21:24 UTC
Apple The following is the experience of a user of Linux for the desktop who got a Mac Mini. Is he making the switch?
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Re: spaceboy29 (IP:
by drsmithy on Thu 27th Jan 2005 22:09 UTC

I can wait to start seeing Mini-Hacks, they are so small with little power consumption,,,hmmmm possiblities. Wonder how hard it would be to run one from a backpack with a battery.

Personally I think the guts of a mini and a 10" LCD are a perfect project for the old Mac Classic I've got lying around. Indeed, I might even be able to get a decent 3.5" in hard disk into it - there's heaps of room in a Classic compared to a Mini.

Alternatively, I've got a few old LCs that would also make cool Mini conversions ;) .