Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 23rd Jan 2005 04:11 UTC
Slackware, Slax Slackware 10.1-Beta1 is now released for those who want to upgrade to the -Current tree. The final version is expected soon.
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Slack the planet!!
by George Tsarouhas on Fri 28th Jan 2005 21:12 UTC


Don't even think that Slackware is going to ever be unmaintained; there are too many people involved now. Even if Optimus-Prime was gone, the autobots could survive with the crystal and the strength of their leader within them. I 've been using Slackware for about 4-5 years now and its the only distribution, which will teach you Linux/Unix.Not Suse(yast2), not Debian(apt-get), not Red Hat(some update-all-in-one-tool based on rpms) and certainly not Gentoo (emerge)...NO!None of that ready packaged crap will teach you how to be able to work/play/hack/enjoY_yourself.And I won't accept any crap for swaret or slapt-get cause they are not in any case inside the basic distro of slack cds. Patrick has turned his once little "game for friends" into a world-wide project and that is something worthwhile my friends. Not me, not you, not anyone can turn his hobby into the next best thing in the linux community. We are all glad to have him functional again, even if he says he isn't, we all know he is stronger than that. Let's all support him, and finally cut the crap.

George Tsarouhas