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Apple The following is the experience of a user of Linux for the desktop who got a Mac Mini. Is he making the switch?
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Re: dpi
by melgross on Sat 29th Jan 2005 06:18 UTC

It seems as though all reviews, whether for Macs or PC's are useless, according to you.

Since when has ANY reviewer had the equipment, or expertise, to measure these parameters? Every review that I've seen over the years has used the reviewers own sense of what is apparent, not some lab measurement.

That's impossible anyway. I was a partner in an audio manufacturing company for a number of years (Magnum Opus, later Peacetime Comm.), and have designed numerous pieces of equipment, from speakers to digital tuners. Lab tests of the type that you are talking about rarely translate to the field.

A measurement in place is a good step, but there are too many variables to account for in a home environment. If the product is very quiet, as Anand found, then the background noise has too much of an effect, and renders the measurement worthless.

Our ears are excellent for relative measurements. Not so good for absolute ones.

We also tend to tune out the usual noise and are more sensitive to anything new.

As every review so far has stated that this is an exceptionally quiet machine, you would do well to just sit back and accept his judgment that in his environment this machine is as quiet as he said it is.