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Apple The following is the experience of a user of Linux for the desktop who got a Mac Mini. Is he making the switch?
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Re: melgross
by dpi on Sun 30th Jan 2005 02:03 UTC

It seems as though all reviews, whether for Macs or PC's are useless, according to you.

Nowhere did i mentioned that.

Since when has ANY reviewer had the equipment, or expertise, to measure these parameters? Every review that I've seen over the years has used the reviewers own sense of what is apparent, not some lab measurement.

I was referring to the compare to GNOME/KDE/X since thats one which one can easily give details for or not make such compare or where people like me can state the obvious (ie. "where are the numbers?"). The tools to compare or to state the numbers are all free software (beer and most are FS/OSS as well).

Oh and, if i may say so, i actually know magazines which would argue that what you state is important to back up with hard numbers. I expect the C'T to back such up for example -- maybe they'll do so in the next march version. I agree that most won't care though or won't do it however as will soon become apparent this was NOT the issue being discussed.

[...] As every review so far has stated that this is an exceptionally quiet machine, you would do well to just sit back and accept his judgment that in his environment this machine is as quiet as he said it is.

What the heck??? Only 2 posts are dedicated to the noise of the machine: my first one (together with the GNOME/KDE/X compare) and a second one (a thank you for the information). Basically i acnowledge the information although i'm still wondering how it compares to e.g. Openbrick. The rest of the replies are, afaiac, about GNOME/KDE/X (both Thom and Viktor replied to that instead).