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Syllable, AtheOS Norwegian ex-Amiga coder Kurt Skauen started designing & writing AtheOS in 1996. Until late 1999, AtheOS (a name derived from the Greek Goddess Athena) used to be called AltOS. AtheOS has even seen complete rewrites along the years, and today is on version 0.3.7. Come with me and see what AtheOS has to offer today to you. All your questions answered and we also include five new screenshots.
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Font problems
by Rayiner Hashem on Wed 21st Nov 2001 20:20 UTC

There are some acknowledge font problems with KDE and anti-aliased fonts. This should be fixed in KDE 3.0 (specificially, the problem is with Qt and Qt 3.0 fixes it). Until then, there's tons of workarounds. Just search on google for 'Konsole AA fonts'. One thing that has worked for me is this:

1) Assuming you have your truetype fonts (I suggest Microsoft's webfonts) in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ttf, cd to that directory.

2) Open the file called fonts.alias (if it isn't there create it.)

3) Insert an alias between the standard X fixed font (9x15) and you're choice of fonts. If you don't know the X name of you're particular font, open up the fonts.dir file in the folder containing the font (for example /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ttf/fonts.dir). Now do a search for the name of the font. There should be several lines that begin with a foundry name (such as monotype or adobe) a dash, and then the font name ("Courier New"). Search for the particular line that contains the face you want (medium-r-normal for regular, medium-i-normal for italic, bold-i-normal for bold, etc). This line (minus the name of the font file at the beginning) is the X font name.

For example, I use the monotype Courier New font (from MS webfonts) so I have a line in fonts.alias that reads:
9x15 -monotype-"Courier New"-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-m-iso8859-1. `

Then open Konsole and set the standard font to "Normal". Reload Konqueror and everything should be fixed. If you get weird spacing on the font, the font file you're using is stupid and doesn't properly identify itself as monospaced. In that case, read the faq at: