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Syllable, AtheOS Norwegian ex-Amiga coder Kurt Skauen started designing & writing AtheOS in 1996. Until late 1999, AtheOS (a name derived from the Greek Goddess Athena) used to be called AltOS. AtheOS has even seen complete rewrites along the years, and today is on version 0.3.7. Come with me and see what AtheOS has to offer today to you. All your questions answered and we also include five new screenshots.
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Re: IDE, FDC drivers
by Eugenia on Wed 21st Nov 2001 23:38 UTC

>with the collection of talent that shows up at OSnews...and put a lot of the stuff together in one place

A lot of people have emailed us and asked for an article that gives 'advices' on how to write an OS in general. I have asked a few people to participate in such an article (including Jbq), but they all claim to be extremely busy these days... ;)
I'll see what I can do though.