Linked by Jeremy Wells on Tue 8th Feb 2005 08:05 UTC
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu For over six years I have been hunting for a Linux distro that would allow me to replace my Windows installation. I've tried many versions of RedHat and Mandrake, and more recently, Gnoppix, Kanotix, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Knoppix. In my evaluations, I would start with high hopes that the latest and greatest distro would install smoothly, support my hardware, and create a genuinely usable system, but none of them really worked--until now. I recently came across the first distro that satisfied all my requirements: Ubuntu.
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by int argc on Tue 8th Feb 2005 14:15 UTC

I was very excited about Ubuntu, but when I finally got a chance to try it, I had a lot of problems. I was trying to set up a box that I use for a file server, as well as for remote access via X for programming and the like. I had A LOT of problems.

1) The unit has 3 ethernet cards; however, the networking completely failed unless I disabled two of them. This three-NIC setup had been working flawlessly for 2 years under RH8.0

2) There are 3 hard drives in the machine. When it boots, it frequently fails to mount partitions from _at_least_ one of them automatically. This despite the fact that they are all in fstab and flagged for mount at system boot

3) For some reason, it boots graphically at runlevel 2. Don't these guys understand the purpose of the runlevels?

4) The samba package is completely broken. I had to edit the symlinks by hand in order to get samba running. I can handle that, but I tend to expect a little more from an apt-based system.

5) Many key components of Gnome, including serviceconf, are missing, which made me waste a lot of time trying to do (4) the easy way before giving up and using the command line.

I haven't had time yet, but I'll probably be wiping the drive and replacing Ubuntu with Fedora Core 3 the next weekend I have free.

I'm usually annoyed with people ranting about the distro, but there are some serious problems with Ubuntu that surprised me when I tried to use it, and I thought that other people might benefit from knowing.

That said, I do have high hopes for Hoary Hedgehog. I like the look & feel of Ubuntu, and if they can fix the stability problems it will be a very nice OS indeed.