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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu For over six years I have been hunting for a Linux distro that would allow me to replace my Windows installation. I've tried many versions of RedHat and Mandrake, and more recently, Gnoppix, Kanotix, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Knoppix. In my evaluations, I would start with high hopes that the latest and greatest distro would install smoothly, support my hardware, and create a genuinely usable system, but none of them really worked--until now. I recently came across the first distro that satisfied all my requirements: Ubuntu.
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by mattb on Tue 8th Feb 2005 22:01 UTC

>Sorry but I am in linux world from a long time: when there was no hype and new distro were really "new". And when people started to hype redhat5 I tried it only to discover that "man printf" not work: I steered clearly from it and started using debian. Hype is for the windows world, in linux world it hurts me a lot.

gentoo? knoppix? mandrake? xandros? libranet? lindows?
six off the top of my head that were hyped to death.

>Wow now you are discussing about the meaning of a word. Well, if it is a branch why they use a different versioning scheme so you cannot use debian repositories in ubuntu apt?

a fork means "i am going to take this codebase and run in a different direction". a branch means "i am going to take this codebase and maintain it as a different version" linux 2.6 branch is the current version that gets fixes and whatnot (like ubuntu universe), 2.7 is the development branch where the new stuff actually gets added on. universe snapshots are taken every six months, that is not a fork.

>No comment. BTW: also debian has security updates I suppose it is not necessary to start a new distro just for this.

you mean WOODY has security updates. and no it is not nessicary to start a new distro, but you said there was no difference, i just pointed one out.

>Terrible: so all distributions in the world are desktop distributions.
Try to raise the bar please.

almost all operating systems try to be everything to everyone. personally, i think thats an awful way to design an os, but my opinion on the matter doesnt really matter ;-).