Linked by Jeremy Wells on Tue 8th Feb 2005 08:05 UTC
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu For over six years I have been hunting for a Linux distro that would allow me to replace my Windows installation. I've tried many versions of RedHat and Mandrake, and more recently, Gnoppix, Kanotix, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Knoppix. In my evaluations, I would start with high hopes that the latest and greatest distro would install smoothly, support my hardware, and create a genuinely usable system, but none of them really worked--until now. I recently came across the first distro that satisfied all my requirements: Ubuntu.
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Re: Roy
by Piers on Tue 8th Feb 2005 23:16 UTC

I did the same as you. I tried the Hoary Live CD and tested it on two systems, then on my home system I cleared a drive and installed the 06/02 Hoary iso.

At first I was getting a failure to read from the CD during the install process but then a niggling thought told me to switch off the PC not reboot straight from WinXP. Sure enough, after a cold start the install process was flawless and in a very short amount of time a functionable desktop.

Have yet to play extensively with Hoary but as being a Deb vet I'm sure it won't be too unfamiliar. It was the most painless Linux to setup and work with all hardware detected and working. Just like with the Lice CD on the 2 computers I tested it on.

X-org also leaves XFree in the dust. It is much nicer to use but that is too be expected as that's where the development effort is going. I liked using X-org server on Arch and I like it with Hoary.