Linked by Jeremy Wells on Tue 8th Feb 2005 08:05 UTC
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu For over six years I have been hunting for a Linux distro that would allow me to replace my Windows installation. I've tried many versions of RedHat and Mandrake, and more recently, Gnoppix, Kanotix, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Knoppix. In my evaluations, I would start with high hopes that the latest and greatest distro would install smoothly, support my hardware, and create a genuinely usable system, but none of them really worked--until now. I recently came across the first distro that satisfied all my requirements: Ubuntu.
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RE: Ubuntu
by Carlos Daniel Ruvalcaba Vlz on Wed 9th Feb 2005 03:10 UTC

I tried this distro a few months ago on my desktop, installation went ok, all hardware was detected fine as I use pretty much compatible hardware. The only thing was the video card, I downloaded the nvidia drivers, configured X and done.

I'm also an slackware fan and user, but I liked the clean ubuntu desktop, as well that openoffice at least comes packaged (you know, no slackware packages for OOo).

One thing that really annoys me, and so does many distros, is that I can't develop software out of the box, unless you are using one of those 4 cds or 1 dvd set distros, ala RedHat and SuSE, you will have to download and install several development packages, I don't say that package management with apt-get + synaptic is hard at all, is fine, but having to download at either slow speed or bear the yellings from my sister wanting to use the internet connection (online games), well, it annoys me. I love Slackare for this, no development packages, everything comes right on the same package, as compiled from sources.