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Syllable, AtheOS Norwegian ex-Amiga coder Kurt Skauen started designing & writing AtheOS in 1996. Until late 1999, AtheOS (a name derived from the Greek Goddess Athena) used to be called AltOS. AtheOS has even seen complete rewrites along the years, and today is on version 0.3.7. Come with me and see what AtheOS has to offer today to you. All your questions answered and we also include five new screenshots.
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Learning to write an OS
by Rayiner Hashem on Fri 23rd Nov 2001 02:54 UTC

A lot of people have been asking about learning to write an OS. I found myself with exactly the same problem a few months ago, and I've found some helpful stuff in addition to the links already mentioned. I suggest you go in this order, because you kinda get led nicely from one to the other.

1) Modern Operating Systems, by Andrew Tannebaum.
7) Understanding the Linux Kernel: From I/O Ports to Interrupts, Orielly.
9) /usr/src/linux

After that, look around at various articles and research papers on the internet. In particular, look for stuff about Solaris, since they tend to document their additions to UNIX really well. Unlike most people, I don't reccomend just going out there and reading code. You'll quickly get lost and intimidated. Instead, read some of the papers and books first so you have a high level overview of how everything works, then read the code once you're comfortable with the concepts.