Linked by Swami Gattas on Wed 16th Feb 2005 22:05 UTC
SGI and IRIX reports the immediate release of Maya 6.5, an award winning professional grade 3D Suite and a major part of the IRIX culture. Of interest is that this release marks the final release of the once SGI-owned software for Irix. It is sad to see the OS lose support as SGI has shifted focus to Linux.
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Its not market share!!!!!
by Hakime on Thu 17th Feb 2005 02:26 UTC

Who told you that the profit to develop for Apple ismall, that's actually the opposite thing? Why a compagny like Alias has ported Maya on osx? It was not just for fun, and the mac is now the plateform where Maya is the most sold. Many costly softwares for scientific, and engeenering reseearch has been developed since osx came, and big database applications like Oracle, came to the mac because of osx, and because there is profit to do in the mac plateform. Don't again confuse the market share which measures sales for a given period of time compared to others computers makers amd installed/user base.

Osx, that's already more than 12000 applications in only 4 years since it appeared in the market, so don't tell me that it is not significant and don't tell me that there are not more and more developers interested in the osx plateform.

SGI killed itself by just dropping one of their best activity, which was workstation. They decided to go to Itanium, but the Itanium is not the success that they hoped for in the worstation market (although SGi is doing quite well with very big systems using Itanium and Linux). And they hoped for Linux on Itanium not Irix on Itanium, and they are supporting Linux more than their own system. Why developpers like Alias should continue to support a system that even its own designer does not support it any more or at least does not support it strongly. That's normal that they droped the Irix platform, even SGI does not believ on it any more, and look hos Irix is evolving, that's almost nothing.

An operating system that does not evolve continuously, is a dead duck!!!