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SGI and IRIX reports the immediate release of Maya 6.5, an award winning professional grade 3D Suite and a major part of the IRIX culture. Of interest is that this release marks the final release of the once SGI-owned software for Irix. It is sad to see the OS lose support as SGI has shifted focus to Linux.
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RE: It's all about Mindshare and getting your facts straight...
by Anonymous on Thu 17th Feb 2005 03:35 UTC

...Nvidia (first exist on SGI), and Amiga and also BeOS (all dead now).

The first nVidia chipset, the NV1 appeared in the Sega Saturn and on a Diamond branded PCI card for PCs. It featured quadratic surfaces instead of triangle rendering, was incompatible with DX3, and had Sega Saturn controller ports on the back. I seriously doubt that was ever slotted into an SGI machine, even on of their NT4 workstations.

It literally took nVidia years to come up with a chipset that was equal to the OpenGL rendering capabilities of an Indigo or an Onyx. How you can think anyone successfully marketed a 3rd party SGI video card with less capabilities than the internal ones is beyond me.

nVidia isn't dead. They're the #1 video chipset manufacturer in the world, have a real competitor to Renderman for offline rendering farms (e.g. CGFX for motion pictures), are producing the chipset for the PlayStation 3, and have a lucrative motherboard chipset business.