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Mozilla & Gecko clones Its all over the blogosphere: 25,105,560 downloads in just 99 days! Even Scoble's congratulated the project: "In just a few months your app has become one of the most used Windows applications in the world. My hat's off to you!"
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Browser of Choice
by browser downloads on Thu 17th Feb 2005 09:36 UTC

I've downloaded 1.0 once and put it on 6 computers at work.
At home I use both Opera and Firefox, with Opera set to block block ads, pics, javascript, etc. and Firefox only blocking popups and ads. It works out well to run both at the same time, using Opera to load pages very fast and securely, and FF to load pages where I need to have the extras.

Oh yeah, I happened to click on the Internet Explorer icon a few months ago, and it wanted to run the internet connection wizard! Funny that I'd never used IE in the 3 years that I've had this computer...