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Mozilla & Gecko clones Its all over the blogosphere: 25,105,560 downloads in just 99 days! Even Scoble's congratulated the project: "In just a few months your app has become one of the most used Windows applications in the world. My hat's off to you!"
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OT: Blogging about blogs...
by Blogger on Thu 17th Feb 2005 10:47 UTC

This article starts with mentioning about the blogosphere and links to a blog which I found interesting. Blog lines:

So, I'm gonna try to unplug all my blogs for a few days.
That should give you some time to go through the link blog
find some new bloggers that you like
that are cooking around the blogosphere right now.
Oh, my boss moved his blog
continues doing excellent blogging.
Why don't you start a blog?
Blogging is quite addictive.
I'd be doing anything I could to get bloggers
just start a blog.
Now, do that for five of your favorite bloggers.
Need help finding five bloggers?
Read my link blog.
You might even start a blog
Don't want to start your own blog?
Five bloggers is all it takes to spark something.
In fact, pitch five bloggers a day every day
"But don't bloggers get mad at getting pitched?"
But, demonstrate you read our blogs
scripting this to 1,000 bloggers
we do compare with other bloggers behind the scenes
It is appreciated if you have your own blog.
Hey Martin Taylor, please don't start a blog!
"get these guys to blog."
Oh, I don't want anyone else to blog.
understand the relationship-building power of blogs.
Don't start a blog.
400 comments left over on the IE Blog yesterday?

I will go and blog about the exploding popularity of blogs now, thank you!