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Mozilla & Gecko clones Its all over the blogosphere: 25,105,560 downloads in just 99 days! Even Scoble's congratulated the project: "In just a few months your app has become one of the most used Windows applications in the world. My hat's off to you!"
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$Downloads ne $Users....however....
by NyteReider on Thu 17th Feb 2005 14:26 UTC

Some Linux users install FF via apt-get or something they don't count.

Some Windoze users install FF via local unofficial they also don't count.

Some more Windoze users install FF via bonus utility CDs coming w/ their favorite PC they also don't count.

Some users download FF multiple times in SAME IP ADDRESS, so their download count might not be counted. (hopely so.)

Of course, there're some users out there who downloaded FF multiple times in SEVERAL DIFFERENT BOXES.

So, while number of downloads is not exactly same as number of actual users...they at least give people some idea of usage base of FF. ;)

Warning!! Minor Trolling Ahead!!!!

I don't like watching opera of any sorts. ;) ;) ;)