Linked by Swami Gattas on Wed 16th Feb 2005 22:05 UTC
SGI and IRIX reports the immediate release of Maya 6.5, an award winning professional grade 3D Suite and a major part of the IRIX culture. Of interest is that this release marks the final release of the once SGI-owned software for Irix. It is sad to see the OS lose support as SGI has shifted focus to Linux.
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now what for SGI??
by CCC on Thu 17th Feb 2005 15:01 UTC

without Irix, and the fact that IA64 is not gaining
the industry wide support ( seems like people are
rooting for AMD64 and/or PowerPC ).

Plus whatever work that SGI did on Linux must be
distributed ( openly and freely ) to everybody.

what's left for SGI? supercomputer physical interconnects?

I think that SGI should or could have ported Irix to
IA64, AMD64 and PowerPC platforms..