Linked by Swami Gattas on Wed 16th Feb 2005 22:05 UTC
SGI and IRIX reports the immediate release of Maya 6.5, an award winning professional grade 3D Suite and a major part of the IRIX culture. Of interest is that this release marks the final release of the once SGI-owned software for Irix. It is sad to see the OS lose support as SGI has shifted focus to Linux.
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RE: It's all about Mindshare and getting your facts straight...
by Perez-Gilaberte on Thu 17th Feb 2005 19:47 UTC

nvidia was formed by ex-SGI empolyees. When Rick Belluzzo became CEO he insisted on going Wintel, as he thought it was the future (it's the same doomed strategy that Carly has used to kill HP), so he threw millions of dollars on developing the Visual Workstation. An interesting concept, was a total flop.

They realized their mistake too late and, although some new MIPS-based workstations have been released, they can't compete anymore with x86 offerings.

On a tangential note, I feel that nvidia is reaching the end of innovation. They've justed started using SLI technology and the power requirementes of their latest offerings is a total joke. They killed my fave company, 3DFx, so I really hope ATi crushes them and their crap proprietary drivers ;)