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Mozilla & Gecko clones Its all over the blogosphere: 25,105,560 downloads in just 99 days! Even Scoble's congratulated the project: "In just a few months your app has become one of the most used Windows applications in the world. My hat's off to you!"
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RE: Random question
by Anonymous on Thu 17th Feb 2005 23:21 UTC

I wonder if those people who are so interested in how large a marketshare what they use has, are equally disinterested in having a sense of unique identity and doing things for individual satisfaction.

do you ever do this kind of "interesting" comments?

18 months ago two official sites of my university, one of them very important because it's the site where we can check the exams and the thesis proposals weren't working with mozilla, now they both work with firefox.
more marketshare, less incompatible sites: this is the situation, and this is the reason we mozilla/firefox users are happy.