Linked by Matthew Trow on Thu 17th Feb 2005 22:22 UTC
Slackware, Slax I was quite excited about the release of Slackware 10.1, the same way I was excited about 10.0 and versions before that. As a self confessed 'Linux Desktop Dabbler', to date, I've found Slackware my favourite Linux flavour to Dabble with.
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Minimalists/Gnome/Slack Books
by unixfool on Fri 18th Feb 2005 02:35 UTC

Slackware is as minimal as the user wants it. Only the first CD is actually required, and even then, you don't have to install all the packages...its totally up to the person installing. The other CDs contain non-essential software that the person choses to or not to install.

Gnome is indeed going the way of the dodo where Slackware is concerned. If you don't like that, build your own packages...this won't hurt Slackware in the least, IMO. Slackware isn't popular because of its software selection.

Lastly, its not the fault of Pat that there aren't many books that cover Slackware. Blame the authors and publishers for that, no the software developers. It's a given that many corporations won't use a distro like Slackware, but they also most likely won't use ANY distro or OS without enterprise-level support. I've known a few admins that installed Slackware regardless of what management thought and kept it hush-hush until they've been given a pat on the back for keeping the network and systems going.

Slackware isn't going anywhere...heh