Linked by Matthew Trow on Thu 17th Feb 2005 22:22 UTC
Slackware, Slax I was quite excited about the release of Slackware 10.1, the same way I was excited about 10.0 and versions before that. As a self confessed 'Linux Desktop Dabbler', to date, I've found Slackware my favourite Linux flavour to Dabble with.
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by ex-slacker on Fri 18th Feb 2005 12:33 UTC

To say that Slackware users make you smart by telling you to "RTFM" is like my old college roommate making his girlfriend thin by telling her she was "fat". He said he did it "to help her".

One thing the users in the slackware newsgroup could not stand - was someone who would point out their abuse. "It's what Pat would do!", they would cry. Then they will try to censor you by complaining to your ISP that your posts are troublesome. Just like you did about my earlier post.

There are some nice newsgroup members, but they are drowned out by all the personal attacks of the "experts". They expect you to take the abuse that they did, beause they did. They relish it. It's "the Slackware way". I've heard it all directly from them. PatV should have addressed these people's behavior a long time ago, but he has not - so I tend not to have any sympathy for the long term prospects of his project. Ironically, he seems like a really good guy.

You sound like you will fit right in, and I expect you will complain about this post, too.