Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 22nd Feb 2005 08:28 UTC
Mono Project Sure, everyone knows Tomboy, F-spot, Beagle, MonoDevelop, Muine, Blam! or Monodoc. But there are a lot of other interesting Mono/GTK# applications out there that need your attention. Join us for a quick listing of the not-so-well-known GTK# apps and you will witness yourself that the platform is flourishing.
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RE: friendly installer
by BlackCat on Tue 22nd Feb 2005 10:35 UTC

While having an installer would be a worthy addition, I think one of the strong points of Mono is how it is just like any other package on your system and not some platform you have to babysit or give special treatment to *cough* java *cough*.

The goal should be that the user decides he wants to install, say, beagle. The distro then downloads beagle and any supporting libraries, of which Mono may be one. At no point should the user be plastered with "Hey, this runs on Mono!!1" messages. The actual delivery mechanism is yum, portage, apt-get etc. as any other application. Then you run "beagle" or click the pretty icon, and hey, it works. If Mono shows through the cracks, the packagers have failed.

It doesn't quite work like that on all distributions at the moment, but as we get more popular Mono applications the pressure will build on the distributors. Beagle in particular may be a killer app sometime in the near future (when it doesn't require kernel patches).