Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 22nd Feb 2005 08:28 UTC
Mono Project Sure, everyone knows Tomboy, F-spot, Beagle, MonoDevelop, Muine, Blam! or Monodoc. But there are a lot of other interesting Mono/GTK# applications out there that need your attention. Join us for a quick listing of the not-so-well-known GTK# apps and you will witness yourself that the platform is flourishing.
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Re:Chris Trevino
by Ecio on Tue 22nd Feb 2005 16:54 UTC

I think it would be better to focus on the .NET version and try to fix those memory management problems, then (maybe) try to port it ;)

@Sphinx: you shouldnt say "ecio is right" ;) the link i provided wasnt about my thoughts but about seth's ones. As I've alread said, even though some of his ideas are interesting, i think it's a bit too much on the FUD side of the moon ;)