Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 22nd Feb 2005 08:28 UTC
Mono Project Sure, everyone knows Tomboy, F-spot, Beagle, MonoDevelop, Muine, Blam! or Monodoc. But there are a lot of other interesting Mono/GTK# applications out there that need your attention. Join us for a quick listing of the not-so-well-known GTK# apps and you will witness yourself that the platform is flourishing.
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by Miguel de Icaza on Tue 22nd Feb 2005 16:54 UTC


Our goal is to run Paint.NET out of the box with Mono
once our System.Windows.Forms code is completed, it should
not be too difficult (I heard that someone on the #mono
channel had already removed the P/Invokes and the third
party controls, jhill maybe?)

Anyways, you can use System.Drawing with Gtk# if you
are ever interested in doing a native Gtk# port, but for
now we think that Paint.NET will be a great test case for
our Winforms/Sysdrawing implementations.

As for the memory usage: the GIMP actually uses a memory
manager that uses an on-disk representation of the images
to cap the memory used by the system. You can probably
turn this off and consume all available memory.