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Mono Project Sure, everyone knows Tomboy, F-spot, Beagle, MonoDevelop, Muine, Blam! or Monodoc. But there are a lot of other interesting Mono/GTK# applications out there that need your attention. Join us for a quick listing of the not-so-well-known GTK# apps and you will witness yourself that the platform is flourishing.
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@Miguel de Icaza
by Anonymous on Tue 22nd Feb 2005 21:31 UTC


Can you speak to the issues mentioned in my previous post:

In particular:

1) Does Novell provide idemnification for patent or other IP violations in MONO

2) Has Novell negotiated with Microsoft GPL-compatible RAND licensing terms for the .NET IP (which automatically apply to all OSS developers using Mono)?

Will Novell (Ximian, the Mono project leadership, you, etc.) be doing anything to resolve IP concerns about Mono? You guys seem to have a working relationship with MS.

Can't licensing issues be resolved once and for all? Have you guys approached MS?