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Mono Project Sure, everyone knows Tomboy, F-spot, Beagle, MonoDevelop, Muine, Blam! or Monodoc. But there are a lot of other interesting Mono/GTK# applications out there that need your attention. Join us for a quick listing of the not-so-well-known GTK# apps and you will witness yourself that the platform is flourishing.
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ECMA, COM and .Net
by Anonymous on Wed 23rd Feb 2005 13:59 UTC

Our policy is listed on our FAQ, like I said elsewhere
and a number of times, our legal council agreed that our
public position on patents in our FAQ reflected the state of
the industry and we were fine with it.

Unfortunately Microsoft didn't want .Net to be like the rest of the industry, hence the way it is available through the ECMA but where Microsoft keeps their rights to it as their technology. The situation of the ECMA stuff being available through RAND (royalty-free licensing) only applies as long as Microsoft is a member of the ECMA - basically until people actually start using .Net.

As an aside, you can actually run COM servers on other platforms than Windows, including Linux, and get them to interoperate with COM servers produced with Visual Studio. The spec for COM is actually published. The only difference is that the extensions for Windows, including the GUI Windows Forms stuff, are closed off. .Net is in exactly the same position as COM with respect to getting it fully running on other platforms and yet people seem to think that it's different in some way.

So, hands up how many people here think that COM is an open standard that can reliably be used as the basis for desktop environments and technology on other platforms? Nope, didn't think so.